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Be a Better Driver
     (803) 642-1776

Alive at 25Alive at 25 is a survival course developed by the National Safety Council. It is designed to prevent the #1 killer of teens, automobile crashes. SC Alive at 25 is taught by off-duty Deputy Sheriffs, Municipal Police Officers and SC Highway Patrol Officers. The course is delivered in one 4.5 hour program which focuses on the behaviors, decision-making and risks facing young drivers every time they get behind the wheel. 

Since South Carolina's program kicked off in 2007, the state's death toll among drivers 15-24 has dropped by 41%. This reduction is amazing, but one life lost is still one too many. The council developed the Zero Hero campaign to emphasize South Carolina's goal of Zero traffic fatalities among young drivers.

For information on classes and scheduling, go to the South Carolina National Safety Council’s web site at or call 803-732-6757.

Comments and Concerns  

We have created this area to allow you to compliment or complain about the quality of service you receive from the Aiken County Sheriff's Office. Your concerns help us identify and make changes to areas in need of improvement.

Please fill out the form below and press "submit." You comments will be forwarded to our Professional Standards section. ACSO thoroughly investigates all complaints lodged against the agency and its employees. You will be notified of the outcome either by telephone or mail.

You also may mail written comments or concerns to:

Sheriff Michael Hunt
Aiken County Sheriffs Office
420 Hampton Ave., NE
Aiken , South Carolina 29801


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Concealed Weapon Permit Applications      (803) 642-1773


Available daily at the ACSO front desk
  Questions? Call the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, Regulatory Services Section: (803) 896-7014


Extra Duty Employment      (803) 642-1711 or 642-1768


Need security for your next special event? ACSO makes available off-duty deputies for a variety of assignments at a rate of $45 per hour, per deputy. ACSO requires the following in order to staff any extra duty assignment:

A minimum of three days notice
  A signed contract
  Payment in advance or by completion of assignment
  ACSO reserves the right to refuse any assignment that might place deputies at unnecessary risk.


Fingerprints      (803) 642-1790


Residents: $12.00,  Non-Residents: $20.00
  Tuesday, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. ; Wednesday, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
  Individuals must supply fingerprint cards and provide photo identification

Project LifeSaver

ProjectLifesaverProject Lifesaver International’s primary mission partners with law enforcement agencies to help save citizens time and money. Project Lifesaver International has joined forces with the North Augusta Department of Public Safety, Aiken County Sheriff's Office and Aiken Department of Public Safety to aid in locating victims suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism and other dementias. Project Lifesaver of North Augusta/Aiken County, Inc. deploys specially trained teams with the most reliable technology available to quickly locate and return wandering adults and children to their families and caregivers.

To apply for a tracking device, complete an application and physician statement and mail to:
Project Lifesaver of North Augusta / Aiken County, Inc


Lt. Chad Hyler ( )
Aiken County Sheriff’s Office
420 Hampton Ave., NE Aiken, SC 29801

Project Lifesaver Application
Project Lifesaver Fact Sheet
Project Lifesaver Physician Statement

Reporting a Crime      (803) 642-1761


Call ACSO or file an incident report in the ACSO lobby. In case of emergency, dial 9-1-1 .


Records      (803) 642-1773


Incident reports and criminal histories available Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  Individuals must provide case number or time and date of incident
  Photo identification required
  Individuals may get a copy of their own criminal history
  Employers must show signed waiver for criminal histories of prospective employees



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